oDesk Office Skill Test Answer

oDesk Office Skill

01. Question: You send a package through FEDEX to a client in Korea. The client calls up after a few days and says that he has not received it. What is the best way to immediately let the client know the status of the courier?
Answer: Track the packet on the FEDEX website and send the copy of the current status of the packet.

02. Question: What is ‘flexi-time’?
Answer: The flexible use of personal office hours, such as working an hour earlier one day, in order to leave an hour earlier another day.

03. Question: What does the ‘glass ceiling’ refer to in a business context?
Answer: The upper level of senior management or company executive positions which is traditionally hard to break through, for example, for women and/or minorities.

04. Question: What is the best way to handle an angry colleague or client with a complaint?
Answer: Listen to their concerns, and calmly but firmly explain what you are able to do, offering other solutions and options, without getting angry in turn.

05. Question: What are the traditional office hours in the Western world, now much more flexible, though still adhered to in most offices?
Answer: 9 AM – 5 PM

06. Question: What common injury can result from too much concentrated typing over too little amount of time?
Answer: Repetitive strain injury

07. Question: What does administration generally handle in an office environment?
Answer: The efficient day-to-day running of the office, with regard to company files, communication, management of jobs such as overseeing hiring and firing and human resources, etc.

08. Question: What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providing hard copies to individuals?
Answer: b and c

09. Question: What is the difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel?
Answer: Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for spreadsheets

10. Question: What is the person in charge of administering an office commonly called?
Answer: CEO

11. Question: Which of the following activities could possibly infet your computer with a virus?
Answer: Installing pirated Software from a CD

12. Question: Which of the following are considered bad manners while greeting a business visitor to your office?
Answer: All of the above

13. Question: Which of the following file formats relate to a graphic file or scanned image file?
Answer: a and d

14. Question: What are the dimensions of an A4 size sheet of paper?
Answer: 210 mm x 297 mm

15. Question: Traditionally, approximately how many pages should a business CV or resume have?
Answer: 1-3, preferably 2

16. Question: Which of the following are commonly used computer web browsers?
Answer: Chrome, Explorer, Firefox

17. Question: When replying to an e-mail, who do you place in the cc: line and who in the bcc: line?
Answer: A person you wish to openly inform goes in the cc: line, and the person you wish to read the e-mail, but without the knowledge of either the recipient or the person in the cc: line, goes in the bcc: line.

18. Question: What is very important to remember to do when entering an office business meeting at any level, especially when clients are there?
Answer: a and c

19. Question: Consider the following sentence:
‘There are 20 new PC’s in the accounts department.’
Should there be an apostrophe in PC’s?
Answer: No

20. Question: What does the abbreviation CEO stand for?
Answer: Chief Executive Officer

21. Question: When a client visits the office and arrives early, what does office etiquette you to do handle the situation?
Answer: All of the above.

22. Question: What does the CTRL+V shortcut accomplish in Word 2000?
Answer: It pastes the text that has already been copied.


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