Light thin laptop and ultrabook


Light thin laptop and ultrabook
Are you thinking to buy a light thin laptop and ultrabook? Which people wish more facilities between a regular laptop they need for ultrabook. And those who have seen the movie and browse the Internet they can buy notebooks or netbooks. But act fast, Advanced Graphics and light – lovely thin notebook ultrabook and now the choice of many.

Now the in the market you looked like the brand’s light – thin laptop. This laptop is called the ultrabook. HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo brand ultrabook can be found in the market. Apple light – thin laptop MacBook Air also has in the market. Although ultrabook market price is a little high more than other laptops on the market. You can buy ultrabook if your range is minimum sixty five (65,000) thousand to more than maximum one lakh seventy (170,000) thousand taka.
About Buying a light thin Laptop and ultrabook:
1. Advanced processor, RAM, Graphics, and Display resolutions checking to Buy a laptop.
2. Long time charge capability and save energy you can buy this type of laptop.
3. Those laptop can be stored more information than you can buy this type of laptop.
4. Buy laptop known brands. Check which facilities you can take after purchase.
5. Buy from authorized sellers. After purchasing check laptops and other related issues.

Light thin laptop and ultrabook
Retailer from marketers of computer and computer markets around the country will be able to buy the light – thin ultrabook.
You can buy Apple light thin laptop as a macbook air in Bangladeshi market. You can find 11 inch and 13 inch sizes macbook Air in the market. Which rate one lack and twenty thousand (1,02,000) to  one lack twenty five thousand (1,25,000$) Taka. MacBook Air is very useful in the work places.
Now you find the light – thin laptop as a Acer Aspire series ultrabook in market. Intel processor, 13.3 inch display size is more than one kilogram of weight. You can buy Windows 7 operating Acer Aspire series ultrabook only seventy five thousand (75,000) taka.
HP ultrabook is an eye catching brand in the market. HP ultrabook has Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processor with different model. 
HP envy 6-1011tx ultrabook have about 10 hours to charge capability. Cost of ninety five thousand (95,000) taka. 
HP light – thin laptop is another model of elitebook. Which price of ninety three thousand (93,000) taka.
HP elitebook has another model, which is made specifically for traders. It’s price is one lack forty five thousand (1,45,000) taka. 
HP nv x2 model price is one lack twelve thousand (1,12,000) taka. 
HP 13-2000 ultrabook price is ninety five thousand (95,000) taka. It has a 13-inch screen, Intel Core i-5 processor, 4 GB DDR 3 RAM, 128 GB ASD drive, 10-hour battery backup facility.
Toshiba portege z930-2026 ultrabook Core-i processor, 6 GB RAM, 56 GB SSD has the facility. Its size 13.3-inch, Intel HD Graphics card, 13.3-inch LED display, weights 1.12 kg. The 8-hour power backup is available. This ultrabook price is one lack seventy one thousand (171,000) taka. The Toshiba have Satellite series ultrabook. You can purchase 940-series satellite ultrabook only eighty four thousand (84,000) taka.
Light and thin shape of fujitsu ultrabook and lifebook are available in the market. Its size 13.3 inch display and has third generation of Intel Core-i 5 processors, advanced graphics. Windows 8-based and battery backup five (5) hours. The price is ninety three thousand (93,000) taka.
Samsung brand NP530U4C a new model ultrabook has Intel third-generation Core i-5 processor and better graphic. Display Size 14-inch. The price is eighty six thousand (86,000) taka.
Samsung Lotus series has NP530U4C-S02BD model ultrabook. Its Intel Core-i 5 processor, four GB DDR 3 RAM, 750 GB hard drive, 24 GB SSD, Super Multi DVD Writer. Windows 8 operating system and display size 14-inch. The price is eighty five thousand (85,000) taka.
Samsung Nine series NP900-X-3C model ultrabook has windows 8 operating system. This ultrabook price is one lack forty five thousand (145,000) taka.
Dell XP 14 is one the item of Dell ultrabook. It’s configure is Intel Core-i 5 and 7. Display size 14-inch, weight 1.35 kg. The price is ninety thousand (90,000) taka only.

Some Model Name and Price of Light- thin laptop and ultrabook or notebook, netbook:
HP Compaq CQ43-400tu price thirty two thousand (32,000) taka.
Dell inspiron N3521 and price is thirty nine thousand (39,000) taka.
ASUS A44H price is thirty one thousand (31,000) taka.
Acer aspire V3-471 model price is forty two thousand (42,000) taka.
Samsung np350v4x-a05bd model price is forty two thousand (42,000) taka.
Fujitsu LH531 model price is thirty four thousand (34,000) taka.
Toshiba Satellite c640 model price is thirty four thousand (34,000) taka.
 Acer Aspire One d270 model netbook price is twenty three thousand (23,000).
Asus x-101ch model netbook price is twenty one thousand (21,800) taka.
Samsung atom n2100 model notebook price is twenty two thousand (22,000) taka.



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