Lalakhal River a Beautiful place in Sylhet

Sylhet is surrounded of self- glory illuminated by abounding in natural resources and small hills, ridges, forests. The Surma, Kushiyara, Piayan, Sari Rivers are give the amazing beauty of Sylhet in the people of Bangladeshis. One of those eye contacts beauty Sari River arrived in the Lalakhal river. You can go Lalakhal River by boat or speedboat from Sari River. You’ll reach Lalakhal tea garden factory Ghat the end of the 45 -minute journeys. What a beautiful blue, the bottom can be seen. Lalakhal is situated under the India’s Charapunji.

lalakhal river

Lalakhal One of the amazing patterns of natural sightly places. There are Combination of Mountains and Rivers. Rivers crystal water and fountains water is climbs in the hill are looking most wonderful gorgeous. The Small Rivers water is attractive. Can’t understand the wonderful beauty don’t see the river. There are so many places where there are rivers and mountains the fair reconciled. Lalakhal is one of the natural slightly places in Sylhet. Two eyes are tired by see the beauty but beauty does not finished in Lalakhal. Boats leave hourly from sari-ghat. Local People’s are travel by boat. The canal where is starting there are big huge area of tea gardens. If you want to enjoy the beautifulness of canal there is no alternative to traveling by boat. Facilities are high for groups; because of the boat rent is low. Ten Taka per person and travelers can enjoy together to spread the joy to share. Rivers Water color is blue. Water is not static, flowing all the time. Because all time water falling from the mountains.

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There are no home and no house bank the rivers of Lalakhal. But there are different types of plants. There will be around the greens hand cataracts. This place could be eye catching spot for Luxury tourists. There are no places to stay for tourists in Lalakhal area, quite far from the city of Sylhet. Do not have a boat in the river in the evening, so need to end the travel or visiting in the evening.

Lalakhal River a Beautiful place in Sylhet

How to go Lalakhal:

First you need to go Sylhet Division. Then go to the Sylhet Children’s Park. There you can find the Tempu, Leguna or Jaflong transport. You will need 35 minutes journey. On the way back from here the bus, temp or any vehicle of their choice can be return in the Sylhet city.



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