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Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Prime Minister of Bangladesh

The political position of Prime Minister of Bangladesh is, in practice, the most powerful political position of Bangladesh. The President of Bangladesh is considered senior to the Prime Minister, but holds a largely ceremonial role, where as the Prime Minister has effective control over the executive arm of government and presides over the country’s cabinet.
Prime Minister Office
The Prime Minister is appointed by the President based on the situation in the Jatiya Sangsad (The Bangladeshi Parliament). The Prime Minister will usually be the leader of the largest party (or coalition) in the Jatiya Sangsad and must have the confidence of the Jatiya Sangsad to govern. The cabinet is composed of President. At least 90% of the ministers must be MPs. The other 10% may be non-MP experts or “technocrats” who are not otherwise disqualified from being elected MPs. According to the constitution, the President can dissolve Parliament upon the written request of the prime minister.
First Prime Minister of Bangladesh

One person, Khaleda Zia, has held the position on three terms including two consecutive occasions. She also holds the record for the longest total time served as Prime Minister. However, Sheikh Hasina Wazed narrowly holds the record for the longest unbroken premiership, with her term in office lasting a few weeks longer than Khaleda Zia’s first term.
The Prime Minister: The Parliamentary democracy was re-established in Bangladesh through the twelfth amendment of the constitution. In this system all the executive powers are in the hand of the Prime Minister. He/She and his Ministers are the real administrator of the country.
Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Appointment and the status: The president appoints the leader of the majority party the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the center of administration. The formation of ministry and their functions are controlled and guided centering round him.
Prime Minister’s Power and Functions: As the head of the government the powers and functions performed by the Prime Minister are as follows.

  • Executive Power: The real Executive Powers of the government of the Republic of Bangladesh are in the hands of the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers. The appointment of the ministers, high officials of the government, all the functions of judicial and foreign affairs are guided by the advice and decision of the Prime Minister. In fact all the executive functions are performed by him/her.
  • first lady Prime Minister of Bangladesh

  • Legislative function: Under his/her leadership the parliament creates laws of the country. The activities of the Assembly are guided centering round the Prime Minister.
  • Financial function: At the instance and advice of the Prime Minister the finance Minister prepares and places the yearly budget of income and expenditure.
  • present Prime Minister of Bangladesh

  • Leadership related function: In the parliamentary system the leadership of the Prime Minister is recognized everywhere. The Prime Minister is the leader of the majority political party in the Assembly. He/She is the leader of the legislature. In the Assembly his/her position is unparallel. The Prime Minister is the leader and chairmen of the Council of Ministers. Centering round him/her the Council of Ministers are formed, guided and dissolved. The Prime Minister is the leader of the nation. He/She guides the programs on national basis. The Post of Prime Minister in Bangladesh is very important. Centering round his/her the government, the country and the nations are guided. Under his/her leadership the functions and development of the state are dependent.

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