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Chapai Nawabganj District of Bangladesh

Chapai Nawabganj District of Bangladesh

Chapai Nawabganj district is located in northern of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi division. It is bounded by West Bengal of India on the north, south and west, Rajshahi and Naogaon districts on the east. The district lies under Barind Tract and consists of diaras and charlands (sandbars develop in riverbed).

Main Rivers: Chapai Nawabganj district’s main river’s are Ganges, Mahananda, Pagla, Moraganga and Punarbhaba. Beel Bhatia, Beel Chorl, Beel Hogla, Beel Singra, Sukrabari Damos, Maricha Dara, Beel Putimari,Beel Anal, Kumiradaha are the noted depressions.
Chapai Nawabganj District
Chapai Nawabganj Annual Average temperature: Annual maximum temperature 37.8⁰ c and minimum temperature 11.2⁰ c. Annual total rainfall 1836 mm.
Chapai Nawabganj Town: Chapai Nawabganj district’s town consists of 15 wards and 70 mahallas. Nawabganj municipality was established in 1903. It has an area of 46.26 square kilometer. The town has a population of 153252.
Administraation Nawabganj district was established in 1984. The district consists of 3 municipalities, 33 wards, 134 mahallas, 5 upazilas, 45 union parishads, 830 mouzas and 1136 villages.
Chapai Nawabganj Municipalities: Nawabganj Sadar, Shibganj and Rohanpur.
Area of Chapai Nawabganj: 1,744.33 square kilometers (673.5 square mile)
Population of Chapai Nawabganj: 1,419,534
Density of Chapai Nawabganj: 813.8/ square kilometer (2,107.7/square mile)
Literacy rate 0f Chapai Nawabganj: 23.8%
Name of the Chapai Nawabganj District’s Upazilas: Bholahat Upazila, Gomastapur Upazila, Nachole Upazila, Nawabganj sadar Upazila and Shibganj Upazila.

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