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34th BCS Preliminary MCQ Exam Seat Plan and Time Schedule

34th BCS Preliminary MCQ Exam Seat Plan and Time Schedule Bangladesh Public Service Commission selected 34th BCS preliminary MCQ exam seat plan, time schedule and instruction. Seat plan for 34th BCS preliminary examination will be held in 24 May 2013 on Friday. 34th BCS preliminary exam will be held together at seven (7) centers. Center name: Dhaka Chittagong Rajshahi Khulna ... Read More »

Islami Bank SWIFT Code Name and List

Islami Bank SWIFT Code Name and List In October 1999, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has introduced this SWIFT alliance entry system firstly and introduced SWIFT alliance access in October 2001. Society for Worldwide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunication is sort form SWIFT. Swift is a bank owned co-oprative serving the financial communicative worldwide. STN full abbreviation is The SWIFT Transport Network which ... Read More »

INDIAN Premier League 2013 Season-6 Match Schedule

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE 2013 SEASON-6 (IPL) Indian Premier League 2013 season-6 tournament match schedule has been announced. It is expected to start on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 and the IPL will be played on May 26, 2013.Indian Premier League is called IPL. The opening and closing ceremonies and final matches will be played at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. This is ... Read More »

Participation in Multilateral Organizations

Participation in Multilateral Organizations Bangladesh have formed an alliance with nineteen other developing countries to vote as a bloc in organizations such as the WTO and the United Nations. Commonwealth Bangladesh, which was part of British India until 1947, joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1972 after its establishment as an independent nation in 1971. It hah actively participated in ... Read More »