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C Programming Language – Logical Operators

C Programming Language – Logical Operators Logical operators are used for finished the logical operation such as logical OR, logical AND, logical NOT. Logical OR ( || ) and logical AND (&&) are binary operator but logical NOT (! ) operator is unary operator. Binary operator works with two operands. That means binary operators besides two operands. Binary operator is ... Read More »

Best Android Tablet in 2013

Best Android Tablet in 2013 Tablet devices are spread everywhere now. Android tablet users are increasingly getting attention. The main reason about Android tablet is middle and low budget being easily reached of the user. At the time of adoption Jindineta notable feature of Android tablets. So for them to discuss today, who want to buy Android tablet. Let’s take ... Read More »

Sonali Bank Job Circular Senior Officer

job circualr

Sonali Bank Job Circular Senior Officer Bangladeshi largest State-owned commercial bank Sonali Bank Limited published a job circular on the designation of senior officer, officer, officer Cash. Most important about the job circular: Application submit starting date 27-01-2013 Application submit end date 26-02-2014 Application submit possible only Sonali Bank owned website Limitation of the age about the job: Maximum age ... Read More »

Article on nutrition and health

Article on nutrition and health Presently we known as it electronic time. We are well known to the phrase “Health is wealth”. So we are always trying to getting ideal our wellness. Work out is good for wellness. Actually health’s perfectness relies on the characteristics, climate, community, lifestyle, meals etc in the nation. There is some important information for human ... Read More »

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